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Bonjour mon amis!

Last January, I made a resolution to learn French.  Unfortunately, that never happened…so when 2013 came around, I decided to make the goal more realistic.  This year, the plan is to simply take a French class.   This has proved to be much more achievable for me already!  A few weeks ago, I was walking past this adorable travel bookstore in Union Square and realized they teach language classes.  It seemed like the perfect low-commitment way to learn French!  (one hour once a week – yes please!)

Tomorrow is my first class, so my outfit today is Parisian inspired!  To complete the look, I added my favorite rouge which I picked up at Galeries Lafayette a few months ago.


Unfortunately, I don’t actually have that beautiful skirt on today.  It is freezing in NY…so sadly, I am wearing pants.  Hopefully it will warm up soon so I can sit outside at cafes practicing my French with B.  (I think it may be time to go back here again!)

Wish me luck…au revoir!



  1. […] first French class was yesterday and…I loved […]

  2. yes, that’s the skirt..le sigh

  3. Melanie Friess · · Reply


  4. I love the idea of telling a story from your life + then the outfit you wore with it! so fun!

  5. Beautiful!

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