Tour Guide…weekend with the parents

flatiron is my favorite.

When I was in college, I really wanted to be a tour guide.  I was probably the only person on campus that didn’t think those people walking backwards chatting about the origins of Mirror Lake were strange.  Unfortunately, I made it through 3 rounds of tour guide interviews and then didn’t make the cut.  Nevertheless, to this day, I still love giving tours!  It’s so fun to be able to show someone you love a place you love and everything you enjoy about it.  Lucky for me, I live in the best city for touring and this weekend I get to spend 3 amazing days with the best visitors – my mom and dad!

I don’t like to plan a rigid schedule, but I do like to have a general guideline of a few things I want us to do.  Mostly, I like to bring visitors to my favorite spots to eat and drink to give them my real NY experience… I have a few plans up my sleeve, but we’ll see what happens and play it by ear.  (I also have to fit my second French class in!)

Hopefully we’ll have nice walking weather!  Here are some accessories that would be perfect for touring NY on a cold day!  I especially love that scarf with the names of the different boroughs/neighborhoods on it.  It’s my chic version of an ‘I heart NY’ t shirt.  And the Lanvin iPhone case…those little sketches of Alber are killing me!  So adorable.

touring nyCiao!  See you on Monday…



  1. […] home with me soon.  and that umbrella – so cute!  matches the iphone case that I featured here last month.  One last thing..I love this nail color to complete the look.  such a happy red for […]

  2. Ali girl this is so awesome! I bet you had a wonderful time with your parents! We all know you were the best Buckeye tour guide duh!

  3. You always did give the best unofficial tours to possible up and coming buckeyes 🙂 love this post..can’t wait to hear all about how the visit went!

  4. Robin(Mom) · · Reply

    We will miss you, Meg! My packing is not going well….don’t think it’s going to be a “carry-on” trip……need to break this to Dad. I LOVE New York!

  5. I love that scarf! Wish I was coming to see you this weekend!!!

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