out with the old

Last night, I spent the evening with my friend Lourine helping her clean out her wardrobe.  We cleared out the old, and styled the salvageable pieces together.  And of course, merchandised the remaining pieces in her gorgeous walk in closet.  (…who actually has one of those in Manhattan?!)  Now there’s lots of space in there to add in some key pieces to complete her looks.  Let the shopping commence…

Some of the important items that I felt were missing from her wardrobe were a classic white shirt, dark blue denim, wear-everywhere ballet flats, a statement gold necklace, and an evening clutch.

I have a few ideas already:


denim, shirt, nude ballerinas, navy ballerinas, leopard flats, necklace, green clutch, nude clutch.

leaning out closets is one of my favorite hobbies even though most people dread it.  I’m so excited to continue Lourine’s wardrobe makeover!  I’ll keep you updated on the progress…

so get rid of all the junk in the closet...

so get rid of all the junk in the closet…




  1. […] friends!  remember Lourine’s closet clean out/wardrobe makeover from February?  well, I stopped by her apartment last week and she was looking so chic and casual […]

  2. Would you ever come to Seattle, Wa to clean out a closet??? Enjoying your blog, Ali!

  3. A walk-in closet! I’m impressed! Come clean out my closet next please 🙂

  4. Greg Clark · · Reply

    I am her husband and I can’t wait for you to fill the closet with the good things. BTW, it’s more like a crawl in closet.

  5. Sigh I dream of a NYC walk-in closet. I’m sure you were a great help to her!! Happy Friday!!

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