5 pairs of shoes…

Today, Chris is stopping by to give a lifestyled our first taste of menswear.  He’s a man of many talents – athlete, singer, dancer, works in finance…and at the end of the day, one stylish guy.    Thanks for sharing some of your style insight with us today, Chris!  Hopefully you will be back again soon!

A guest spot for the rookie courtesy of the gracious Ali G. Much appreciated. Here we go: 5 pairs of shoes every guy should have in his arsenal.

1. The Dress Shoe:
The shoe says as much about the man as the suit. You need a solid shoe that will wear well,  last a while, and not cost Ferragamo money. Black may go with everything, but I’d be leaning more toward a shade of Brown. Cole Haan’s line of dress shoes provides that solid balance of price and value. If you want to up the ante you can always go wingtip, with a pair of Air Madison Wingtip Oxford’s and their signature Nike Air Technology.

cole haan.

2. The Summer Shoe:
Summertime, when all the prepsters come to play. There’s no denying that the Sperry boat shoe is a solid addition to any repertoire, because it goes with everything and has more credibility than a sneaker. Jcrew has been going the way of the Vans, so if you want to stay on that track check out Van’s website for some different color options that aren’t so played out.


3. The All-Weather Shoe:
The rain falls the same on every city, but the same can’t be said for your shoes. It’s tough to find a weather-proof shoe that isn’t a pair a galoshes or snow boots, but LL Bean Boots are about the best solution a man can find. Be sure to size down though as they are each hand sewn to allow for extra spaciousness and insulation.

ll bean.

4. The Casual Going Out Shoe:
It’s past the 9pm work clothes deadline. It’s the weekend. In instances like these you need that go to shoe that says ‘I’m not working that hard, but I know what I’m doing.’ Personally, I’m a suede guy so a pair of suede bucks, a Clarks Desert boot or a solid Chukka are a few options to try out. Also vastly underutilized is the causal loafer.

tommy hilfiger.

5. The Workout Shoe:
A lot of different ways to branch out in this category. Neon colors are the norm so check out a new pair of Nike Free Run 3.0s.They come in every color imaginable and are under $100 to keep the wallet satisfied.


And with that its Aloha, in both senses of the word.



  1. […] my spring shoe selection is looking quite sad and needs some refreshing! inspired by chris’s very popular post last month, I thought it was time to discuss the 5 pairs of shoes that us girls need in our closets […]

  2. Natalie W. · · Reply

    Chris your talents never cease to amaze. Flawless fashion advice as always.

  3. AH-Mazing. Posting to every guy’s wall that I know. Starting with the brothers.

  4. i love this. I am definitely passing this along to Sean. I have no idea about men’s clothes – so keep these guest posts coming!

  5. LOVE it as well…although my fave going out shoe on a man is a good pair of driving mocs…like Tod’s in style (or just Tod’s oops;)

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