5 pairs of spring shoes…

considering this is the first week that it has been warm enough to ditch black tights and bring out the sandals from under my bed, I have noticed that my spring shoe selection is looking quite sad and needs some refreshing! inspired by chris’s very popular post last month, I thought it was time to discuss the 5 pairs of shoes that I need to add to my spring wardrobe.

1) the around town sandal:

anyone who knows me is aware that I don’t take to flat shoes very well, but I feel like these madewell sandals are a great option for brunching or a walk in the park.  they could easily go back to skinny pants and a breezy top or with a flirty sun dress.  also, after a couple years hiatus, black shoes are back for spring and I am embracing it fully! especially, when color blocked with neutrals – black is feeling very fresh and modern for warmer weather.

madewell louie sandal, $128

2) the heel:

ok, these are completely impractical.  but aren’t they pretty?  we will call them “curb to cab” heels.  I love zara for heels because they are cheap, and you can wear them into the ground and not feel as sad when they are scratched up. I would wear them with white denim and a t shirt for an unexpected mix of dressy/casual.  paired with a gorgeous statement bag, of course.

I am currently on the look out for something similar in a neutral or pale pink that i can wear to a wedding next month. (these might be perfect.)

zara strappy sandals, $90

2) the sexy, but practical, wedge:

the #1 reason why I adore spring footwear: the wedge.  you can go as high as you want and still be comfortable…and chic!  the most fantastic combination in fashion.  I wore dvf opal wedges almost everyday last summer, and plan on doing the same again this year.

dvf opal wedge, $295

4) the weather resistant option:

april showers don’t bring as many flowers here in ny as they do the need for rubber shoes.  I love these hunter booties as a fresh alternative to the traditional knee high version. I am thinking to get them in either red or olive green…what do you think?

hunter chelsea bootie, $115

5) the go-anywhere neutral shoe:

wear with anything.

dolce vita nicola sandal, $189

let’s face it, we need more than 5…please comment and let me know what I missed.

yes, B, I mean you.



One comment

  1. this is great! I have had shoes on the brain lately. I just need some more money…

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