giambattista valli and girls trip

gone are the look book days of still models staring emotionless into the camera.  the shots from giambattista valli’s resort collection are dynamic and playful…and they make me want to go on a trip!  where are these girls going in such fun full skirts, pastel prints, and head scarves?? wherever it is, I would like to go along!

look #1 reminds me of my friend fallon.  last summer, she came very close to missing our train to the hamptons, but arrived at the last minute running and clutching her bag just like this girl.  it was a close call.

our next girls trip will be in 2 weeks…heading down to tampa to celebrate leslie and greg’s wedding!  fallon moved to nashville in february, and we will see each other for the first time since in tampa.  I hope when we are reunited, she comes running at me just like this picture.

look #1

look #2

look #3

look #5

look #7

look #10

look #14

complete look book here:

more to come on the upcoming trip!




  1. Those models scare me. WHAT A WEEEKEND IT WAS!

  2. Fallon · · Reply

    I’ll FOR SURE be running full speed to you clutching my bag until the last second when I drop the bags to give you the biggest hug! Love you, Al! xo

    also, remember when you saw me on the platform?! “WE DID IT!”

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